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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Tomorrow we take our engagement photos. Preparation looks like this..

  • shower in the am
  • shave
  • get dressed
  • shower
  • blow dry hair
  • remove bright teal nail polish from toes
  • give toes a fresh, french manicure
  • pumice feet and lather with lotion
  • file fingernails
  • apply clear coat
  • shave
  • apply sunless tanner in the form of a Tan Towel
  • say a prayer for streak-free, sun kissed perfection
  • apply lotion
  • straighten hair
  • say a prayer that you don't burn yourself today of all days
  • style hair
  • apply makeup
  • get dressed

Running in my sleep

Yesterday I woke up at 5am...couldn't get out of bed till closer to 6am.  I got up, did my morning run, took a shower, drove 45 minutes to work, ran to Old Navy for a return and scurried back to work before it was time to unlock the doors.  There I proceeded to work 10.5 hours, drive 45 minutes home and then get right to work on wedding projects.  These two projects that were not even on my to-do list until sometime yesterday afternoon.  I worked till close to midnight and then did my best to fall asleep.  Fall asleep I did.  Sometime between 12am and 5:30am I swear I ran a my sleep.  I woke up exhausted.  EXHAUSTED!  My dreams consisted of a never-ending to-do list.  I was running around trying to do every last thing.  Needless to say, I didn't drag myself out of bed until closer to 6:30am today.

Today I fought with the snooze button from 5:30am and 6:30am.  I finally dragged myself out of bed and hit the treadmill, the shower, and the 45 minute commute.  I made it to work and then had to rush to Store A (where I was stuck in line behind 3 of the sloooowest human beings ever) and then to Store B where I almost got ran over on my way out the door.  Dear Old Man in the Green Truck clearly didn't feel like the STOP FOR PEDESTRIANS sign was for him because he unneccessarily slammed on his brakes, flipped me the lovely bird, and yelled something in typical grumpy old man fashion.  I flashed him a smile and "peaced" him as I mumbled something in snooty 29 year old fashion.  I don't know why I threw up the peace sign, but I did.  *laughing at myself*

After another 10.5 hour day and another 45 minutes behind the wheel, I am now home.  I have two fabulous things to check off my list! Here are a few photos.  I will post some better quality ones later on.  For now, mobile uploads will have to do.

Personalized, hand-painted aisle runner - CHECK! 
Won't this look beautiful sprawled out on the sandy beach?  It is 100 feet long and I hand-painted our monogram 3ft x 3ft about 10 feet from the bottom. I am in love!

Photo frame card holder box - CHECK! 
This is all pretty much upcycled.  I had some old plain mirrors from Ikea.  I sanded them and painted them a rustic brown.  I used some old board, old towels and a bit of new pink satin to create this.  I will insert 4 of our engagement photos in place of the mirrors when the time comes.  For now...a little pic of our boy, Diesel.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The dresses are in!

My dress came in about two weeks ago.  I went with my momma to pick it up.  We went back to her house, where I will store it until we take it back in for the final fitting.  I got a little teary-eyed as my mom helped me try it on in the bedroom I grew up in as a child.  Obviously, J cannot see me in my dress beforehand, but I wouldn't let my dad either.  I want them both to see me for the first time all done up, princess-style, on the big day.  For now, it's a secret between my momma, my sister and I. 

The girls dresses came in over the weekend.  I went to pick them up and I am quite pleased.  I will have a beautiful wedding party.  I am so blessed for the sweet bonds we share.  I LOVE YOU GIRLS!

Here are a few sneak peek pics.

My dress! (Ha ha, you didn't really think that I'd show you the whole thing, did you?) 

My girls - they tried on many.  I originally planned on allowing them to pick their own, as long as they followed my guidelines:

  • Must be Truffle
  • Must not be floor length
  • No halter
  • No full strapless
  • Must be able to cohesively add an accent color
  • Maid-of-Honor obviously gets first choice/final say in her dress
I think those were the only "rules."  Not too many, in my opinion, but I may be biased. 

Isn't she an angel?  I just love my little Livi!

Pay no attention to the colors...we were trying on different styles at this time.  PhotobucketPhotobucket

Accessories, accessories, accessories.  Remember rule #5?  Must be able to add an accent color!  Here are some failed attempts. (Let's say hi to Hope.  She is the final piece in this puzzle.  We had already picked out her dress before, but well...things changed.)

After hours of trying on multiple dresses, conflicting opinions, preteen diva 'tudes and exhaustion, we decided on simple, classic, and pretty.  Here is the final look! They will be holding that long dress in the complimenting color instead of bouquets.  What?  No?  You don't think that's a good idea? 
I was kidding, gullible one!  Those are the correct dress colors - Truffle - and that is the correct accent color.  I needed a visual. *wink*

The first of many

I am cursed.  I have that dang curse of the DIYer.  I think that I can do it all myself.  Better yet, I KNOW that I can do it all myself.  Maybe not necessarily by myself, as in alone, but I know that I have the creative skill to create this project and that project and some other project that I have yet to think of.  I am a force to be reckoned with.  I just don't know if I have enough time.  Time is often not on  my side.  That is partially because I am a procrastinator, partially because...well...I don't know.

My to-do list is long, so I will  spare you some details.  For now, I need to:

  • Sand and paint our hand-cut (thanks babe!) ampersand for our engagement photos this Thursday.  THIS Thursday, as in two days from now.
  • Purchase an aisle runner
  • Design and print monogram for said runner.
  • Paint and store runner
  • Meet with Lori (and hopefully Kim) for floral chatter next Tuesday.
  • Get stuff ready for the table card number photos....whatever those are called.
  • Actually take and print said photos.
  • Make veil
  • Finish bridal party gifts
  • Make card box for reception
  • Finish "book" (This is a, not for you.  Sorry.)
This list will grow and grow and grow.  This is the stuff I need to do now, as in yesterday.  It doesn't help that I am stuck at work for two 11 hour days back to back.  Now taking applications for a personal assistant.  Payment will be in the form of hand-made goodies.  I will supply coffee and gratitude.  Any takers?  Fine.  Whatever.