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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nella's Easter Basket

With each new day we have our "firsts".  It is so exciting.  We are about to celebrate our first Easter with baby Nella.  I know she is too little to understand any of it, but she'll have photo's to look back on.  She won't really know at the time about God's love for us as we sit in church on Sunday morning and she won't understand all the hulabaloo behind an egg hunt.  She won't know why there is a man dressed like a giant bunny (let's hope there are no tears) and she won't taste any of the delicious food that we'll eat.  But gosh darnit, she'll have an ADORABLE EASTER BASKET! 

I was browsing online trying to find an Easter photo I wanted to replicate for her 3 month photos.  I still cannot find it, but I did find this.  It was actually a picture of the basket that I found.  I had to hunt down the original page, but what a treat it was.  I will show you my rendition now.

I started with a Jelly Roll purchased from Joann's.  I tried to buy one from the original site, but there were none for sale.  Luckily, I still had my 25% off coupon and Joann's is just down the road.  There were only a few Jelly Roll's left and only ONE cute one. 

Enter exhibit A.
A Pocket full of Posies Jelly Roll.

Unroll the Jelly Roll.  Seperate all strips by color.  This particular one had 10 different fabrics, 2 of each.  I cut the strips in half lengthwise, so I was left with 40 strips.  They were approximately 2.5" x 20" after cutting.  I then stacked them into one pile in alternating colors/fabrics. 

Now I had to get all intimate with the glue gun.  The original tutorial calls for sewing, but it's midnight.  I have a 3 month old.  I don't want to sew.  You'll need two packages of filler cord piping.  I used Wrights brand 12/32" for the basket and 6/32" for the handle. Wrap and glue, wrap and glue.  Make sure to alternate the fabrics! You'll wrap the entire length of the thicker cord (6 yards) and about 39" of the smaller one, for the handle.

Begin coiling the bottom.  You'll coil until you have 7 rows from inner to end. You can be an overachiever and sew if you want, but really, just glue it as you go.  Don't be sloppy though.   Let the dog check it out.  He knows his crafts!

Now let the baby check it out.  She doesn't know her crafts (yet) but the photos tell you otherwise. Once the dog and the baby give you the thumbs up, you'll need to begin your coiling for the basket.  I used to own a pottery shop.  I'm no stranger to the coil pot.  This was very similar.  Just keep going, and gluing, until you reach the top.  I tucked the end inside the basket and glued it down.  It was later covered by the handle.

To do the handle, you'll leave it in one 39" piece.  Fold it into thirds and glue...or sew.  Then anchor that bad boy into your basket with glue...or sewing.  Although I did glue it for now, I will reinforce it with a needle and thread because I do want this basket to last for a long time.  It's too cute not to.  And hey, the baby is pretty darn cute too!

A close up for your viewing pleasures.