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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This Time Last Year

In the most amazing way, our life has turned upside down in the past year...

One year ago today we weren't married. 
One year ago today we weren't expecting a precious baby girl. 
One year ago today we were high-fiving in the kitchen, making last minute adjustments, checking off mile-long lists. 
One year ago today we were working together as a team making our bouquets and boutonnieres. 
One year ago today Jer was morphing into the super hero that he is, wiping my tears, calming my nerves and showing off his skills as a floral designer.  He was saving the day as he always did. 
One year ago today I was taking care of the to-do list, finalizing last minute details, and making sure all essentials were packed.  I'm the organizer.
One year ago today we snuggled up and talked about how amazing that weekend was going to be.
One year ago today we were going to bed, only to wake up early the next day to head to Traverse City for our wedding weekend. 


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