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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A week and a day away

Can I be so cliche' and say that "the time has flown by"?  Well, my friends, it has.  Here I sit, one week and one day (plus 1 hour and 39 minutes) away from marrying my love.  My sweet, special, stubborn workhorse of a man that I love so freaking much!  I awoke this morning well-rested.  After the day I had yesterday I thought a restless night and bad dreams were sure to be what I had to look foward to.  Thank you Jesus, I was wrong.  I slept good.  Crazy dreams, sure.  Bad dreams, no.  I decided to take a quick peek at Facebook from my iPod before I left for work.  Know what I saw?  A message from a girl I've grown to love...not because I had to, but because of who she is.  My soon-to-be step daughter.  I'm not necessarily ready to be a step-mom to a 19 year old girl, but I couldn't ask for a better girl to be a step-momma to.  Here is the message I had from her:

So in a week we will be leaving for traverse city, in 8 days i will have an awesome step mom! this time has flown by lik crazy! so im sure this week will just come by so fast. I'm excited :) love you

Well, sweet girl, I love you too!  Thank you for making my day that much brighter.

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